​'Impacting the community with resources'



Launched on January 2, 2004, Helping Hands Assistance Program started as a small outreach program of the Church of the Risen Messiah to address the issue of homelessness and hunger in Palm Beach County. Our organization works to close critical gaps in governmental resources for basic need services. We provide fresh food, baby formulas, clothing, baby diapers, household goods, personal hygiene products and referral to other social services and governmental organizations.  Helping Hands assists applicants with guidance through the maze of agencies to best utilize community resources. We believe in offering a "Hand Up" not a "Hand Out" and to empower individuals to live fully productive and prosperous lives. Our trained and dedicated volunteers help to determine client need and explore best practices and innovative ways to create solutions to return to self-sufficiency.A five-member Board of Directors, staff members and ten volunteers work to achieve the mission, assisting approximately 5500 individuals each year.


mission statement 

​Our mission is to assist homeless, hungry and low-income individuals, families and seniors in Palm Beach County to secure adequate nutrition, nutritional education and other necessities needed to maintain their lives and health as they transition to independent living