​'Impacting the community with resources'

Who is eligible?

  • Families and individuals who find themselves feeling the pinch of “Food Insecurity”.
  • Members who are already receiving food stamps and other services but need to supplement their food supply.

What is available?

  • Members can receive food up to 4 times per year.
  • Members will be informed of additional food resources and other county services.
  • Members have the option to consult with our intake volunteers for information and resource referral.


Emergency food is available to clients who call and make an appointment. Emergency food can be received by clients who register 4 times per year (excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas.) There are no requirements for this program, but it is helpful to have an ID for volunteers to complete forms. Clients with families exceeding 5 members may receive up to 2 bags of groceries (according to availability)


Emergency Food Program

Hours of Operation: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00am-12:00pm

Appointment only.  

Ph: 561-432-2417

Call Helping Hands office to schedule an appointment